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Metric (S.I.)
0.028 km/skm/s
27.78 m/sm/s
100.00 km/hkm/h
27,777.78 mm/smm/s
2.778e+7 µm/sµm/s
0.017 mpsmps
62.14 mphmph
91.13 ft/sPied par seconde (Foot per second)
54.00 ktNœud (Knot)
9.265e-8 neutvitesse neutrinos
9.266e-8 lumVitesse de la lumière (light)
0.081 sndVitesse du son (sound
16.34 pasUn pas vif (A brisk walk)
27,777.78 snailVitesse d'un escargot (Speed of a snail)



And the fastest are....

The fastest speed recorded until a short time ago was that the speed of light in vacuum (denoted "c").

It is a physical constant and was set at exactly 299 792.458 km/s by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

But now since early 2011, scientists at CERN have run "neutrinos", small elementary particles of matter, between Geneva and Gran Sasso (Italy) in their underground 730km long and the conclusion is this:

These small neutrinos come with 20 meters ahead on the light!! 6 km/s faster!!! A gulf!!

Therefore they call into question Einstein's theory which considered that the speed of light was a Limit.

But the records are there to be beaten, aren't they?