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11:26 (18/05) UTC + 2
05:26 (18/05) UTC - 4



GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

The Greenwich Mean Time (in G.B.) is Universal Time (UT) along the meridian of the same name in 1911 when the land is divided into 24 equal parts of 15 and limited by meridians and that will be called time Zone .

But the scientists did not take into account the rotation of the earth in their calculations. Now the Earth is disturbed by the forces of nature and its rotation is not always equal influence among other sunshine. And rotation of the earth is the basis for calculating the universal time.

So in 1975 the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is created and does not take into account the rotation of the earth. These hours UTC is governed by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, located in France, Pavillon de Breteuil (Sevres). The UTC is provided by atomic clocks around the world, according to the International Atomic Time (TAI).

The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is actually exactly the same as Greenwich, but has, unlike the latter, at midnight, not noon.

Time Zones

From the Greenwich meridian, time zones are numbered from 0 to 23. When passing the twelfth time, we must necessarily take a day at universal calendar. The twelfth time, for its part, crosses the Pacific Ocean away from the Greenwich Meridian and lies on the meridian 180 °. Time zones were determined according to the internal administrative boundaries and the administrative track in each country, so they are not necessarily geometric.

The World Clock

The other time of France

City time
11:26 (18/05)
St Barthelemy
05:26 (18/05)

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