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Where do the exchange rate come from ?

The Exchange Rates (or price of a currency from one another or parity of a currency) come from central banks.
If such prices change over time, this comes from several factors:

  • international trade between countries in the world.
  • interventions by central banks on interest rates
  • or speculators ( or traders )

Exchange are on the forex market is known as the "Forex" for Foreign Exchange.

This is on this market that traders make foreign exchange transactions on a professional basis for banks and their customers, especially companies for their international trade operations.

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Where can we change my EUR ?

Currency conversion takes place mostly in a currency exchange office. They are found in all tourist sites, airports, railway stations and border crossings. You can also change your money online on the Internet.

When can we change my EUR ?

When you travel (leisure or business), several options are available to you.

    Before you go :
  • Change in your country to the bank : Banks don't usually have stock and delays in obtaining are about a week (to provide much rarer currency). It must also be informed before the commissions or fees that banks are on the way.
  • In an exchange office : Depending on the regulations of the country of origin, the exchange rate may vary. In France for example, exchange offices are free to set the prices they want, so you can compare.

    In the country visited:
  • Direct removal in the country : This will permit not to carry a large amount of money with you, but beware the cost of withdrawal, you must be careful to the fees charged by your bank. And, depending on your destination, cash dispensers do not may find at every street corner. If the charges are reasonable, use your card to make regulations hotel, restaurant ... and for a long journey, think travelers checks are insured against loss and theft that can be exchanged along your travel according to your needs.
  • Change at the hotel : be careful to the commission that the hotel take
  • Exchange in the country visited : regulation varies across countries visited. You must be informed before the exchange rate policy of the country. Is the state which sets during day or that you remain free?

How much does it costs to exchange currency?

Normally nothing but banks and exchange offices take mostly commissions or fees for services rendered.
In an exchange office, currencies are bought from a "wholesaler". Then he decided to sell its courses and its purchase price. This is the difference between these two prices which enables it to make a profit.