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History and Origin of the Currency

Surprisingly, “Dollar” comes from a German word: “Thaler.” It was used in the 16th century in Bohemia, where the first coins, extracted from a silver mine, were minted. The Thaler was then exported in South America before migrating northward.
Until fairly recently, the $ sign represented the two pillars of Hercules, surrounded by an S-shaped banner reading "PLUS" and "ULTRA". This meant that we could go beyond “NEC PLUS ULTRA” symbolized by Hercules’ columns.

Coins and Banknotes


Coins USD
Today, there are 6 different coins that sub-divide the USD in circulation. We commonly find various presidents on a coin’s front side. But we may also find other well-known historical figures like SACAGAWEA to honor the native people of USA.
On the back side of a coin, we frequently see animals : eagle, Great seal of USA or bison, or historical monuments : Capitol, White House...)


American bills are found in six different denominations. On the front, there are figures who were instrumental to the construction and history of the United States. On the back, there are monuments that are symbolic of the country, except for the one dollar bill, on which we see the Great Seal of the United States: the eagle and the pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, we find the eye of Providence (often associated with Freemasonry). On this bill, we also see 13 stars representing the original 13 states and the slogan ""He approves of our undertakings"" and ""New Secular Order.""

Banknotes Price Color Front Side Back Side
100 U.S. Dollar100 U.S. DollargreenBenjamin FranklinIndependence Hall
50 U.S. Dollar50 U.S. DollargreenUlysses S. GrantU.S. Capitol building
20 U.S. Dollar20 U.S. DollargreenAndrew JacksonWhite House
10 U.S. Dollar10 U.S. DollargreenAlexander HamiltonU.S. Treasury building
5 U.S. Dollar5 U.S. DollargreenAbraham LincolnLincoln Memorial
1 U.S. Dollar1 U.S. DollargreenGeorge WashingtonGreat Seals : pyramide and eagle
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